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need some plastic bonding advice

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  • lovetofix
    I would suggest PC-7 epoxy paste. I have used it on all kinds of plastic and metal with great success. Never had anything come apart yet. PC even has an epoxy that can be applied to wet surfaces or even under water.

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  • Burnt hands

    Loctite says this stuff will stick polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE teflon together

    For $10, it might be worth the gamble.

    I am tempted to buy some to stick a poly funnel to my non-stick fry pan.

    Plastics are amazing and puzzling.
    There are squeegees used in the screen print industries which will stand up to solvent based inks
    and will withstand cleaning with MEK and acetone but the same squeegees will degrade
    in water and are not suitable for water based inks. For those inks, plain rubber works fine.

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  • ryanjones2150
    started a topic need some plastic bonding advice

    need some plastic bonding advice

    Calling on the deep wisdom of all things manly that exist in this forum, I need some help with bonding some plastic together.

    One piece is definitely pvc, the other is unknown. I believe it to be polyethylene, and that would be the worst case scenario. So glueing a 1 1/2" pvc pipe into this "unknown" filter housing with all purpose plastic pipe cement, allowing it to fully cure, resulted in the pipe pulling out with very little effort.

    Through my research so far, I've located a few possible adhesives that may work and would like to know if any of you have experience with any of them or with conditions similar to mine and found a suitable solution. Here's the adhesives:

    3M DP8010 structural adhesive

    Permabond 4605 or 4610

    West Systems G-Flex 655

    The conditions present will be continuous submersion in water at a temperature not to exceed 104 degree F. I don't really care how much the adhesive costs, I just need to get this sap sucker to hold...forever.

    Thanks guys.