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Building a custom Firepit grill/grate for friend

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  • Building a custom Firepit grill/grate for friend

    So need some advice on what or how i can do this.. I have the material and design idea for it.. but what im having a hard time calculating is the length of round rod i need in order to make a 28" round trim for the grate.

    He has a fire pit in his backyard.. which right now he uses just to light at night and have a nice fire for his wife and family.. BUT he would also like to use it to cook from time to time.. so i wanted to add a round rod to the grate to clean it up and keep things safe from sharp edges.

    I will be buying the tube roller to create the circle, but not sure how to determine how long the rod needs to be in order to get a 28" or close circle.

    Any suggestions or help or links to materail on how to determine.

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    It sounds as though you want to calculate the circumference of a circle, if so it's the diameter times pi. 28 * 3.1416 = ~88"

    However I think you'll need to factor in the tube diameter that you intend on using


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      i going to see about sticking with 1/4" round and 1/4" grate, something simple, but reinforced under the grate with their family initials. Still working on the design..


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        (Diameter + thickness of the rod) x 3.14

        example: (24 + .25) x 3.14= 76.145 inches of course.

        Give that a shot.


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          Just to clarify upon the above. Take the inside diameter of the circle you wish to make from rod/tube plus the diameter of the rod. This gives you the centerline of the rod/tube when formed. Multiply times pi. This will give you the stretch out of the material. When you roll pcs. you will end up with a flat spot on each end so you need to add to the initial length of the pc. and trim after. Or you can roll, weld together, grind smooth and then roll again to get rid of flat spots.

          28" id will give you 28-1/2" od once rolled. 27-1/2" id will give you 28"od when rolled. This is using 1/4" dia rod of course.
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