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    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fabricate a latch for a custom tailgate on my 1979 Chevy. I'm fixing to start and would like to know about some different styles. The ones I have built in the past have a bolt welded to the gate. This bolt goes through the truck above the tailgate bumper and I weld a nut to the end of a piece of pipe. This holds it good, but it is slow getting the tailgate down. Any help is appreciated.

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    First of all, it's great to hear (ok, read) someone else use the term "fixin to" I really think that is just an Okie thing.

    The only custom latching that I can think of is what some of the guys use for the gates that are notched for GN/5th wheel hitches. they have a spring loaded pin on each side that snaps back into the factory slot. Is this for a restoration type custom or a functional, tow-me-out-by-my-tailgate kind of custom?

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      I've used seat belt buckles, weld the button side in the box, and the striker on the gate, works great for the clean custom ones i've done.


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        look at , they have more gadgets and gizmos to get your wheels turning. A half hour on that site and you will think of all kinds of new projects you can start. I order from them and have had nothing but great experiances. order by noon on monday see it tuesday afternoon sometimes.


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          not shore if this is what you are going for but i just whiped this up for my POW*MIA tail gate. i have got some seperate pics some where i can find if it might help, just let me know.
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