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Elevated bow fishing platform

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  • Elevated bow fishing platform

    Sharing a bow fishing platform im building. Its all aluminum, Ive made it all from .125 plate. Next is to build a temp wooden support to set it on above boat and then i can determine each vertical leg height and attach them as i go. Welding it with my 30A gun now but ill be using my XR Edge as son as i can figure out how to do that 100k 5w mod so she'll work with my 350P, Im dying to run pulse off that 350P, cant wait to test her out!
    Miller 210 w/2 3035s (pc board died, need help!)
    Miller 252 w/ 30A
    Miller 350P w/ XR Edge
    Miller Diversion 180
    Miller Syncrowave 250DX w/ wireless pedal, cooler
    Miller Trail blazer 302D w/ 30A, X-treme 8VS
    Miller XR box
    Miller WC115A box

    All BLUE Baby, all BLUE! Well except that X-treme box' lol its BLACK!

    hypertherm powermax 65

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    Good prep work. Thanks for the pics; I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the job.


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      I can vouch for the push/pull gun on a 350p. The pulse is sweet once you get it dialed in!
      I build lots of bowfishing decks, light rails, pusher fans, and complete boats. That 350p is a must!