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    I've been looking at how tow behind trailers are constructed and I am not impressed with the use of the light gauge steel used in the construction. I have a butt load of 4"x4"x 3/8" angle here that I want to build a trailer out of mainly to haul firewood.

    Do you all think that this would be heavy enough to handle 6-8000 pounds?

    I have no doubts about my welding ability and I have several different welders here to choose from including a Hobart Ironman 250 MIG. All joints will be beveled out to insure full penetration.

    I don't want this thing to fall apart going down the road especially considering the roads I'll be travelling.

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    It shouldn't fall apart with 4x4 3/8 angle, I built my 7000 lb dump trailer with 5'' channel and used 4'' for the tow bar.
    I used hobart excel arc 71 in .035/.045 which your ironman will handle, it is a gas shielded flux core and you will thank yourself for using it.
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      I typically run Outershield 71M with 75/25 in .035 dia. in that Ironman. Works great on the heavier stuff. I might step up to .045 on this one though.


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        I wouldn't go .045 just to say you did, if the .035 is working that I would leave it. Don't forget to post pictures everyone loves pictures.