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Make a capacitive discharge spot welder using a gate driver ZXGD3005E6

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  • Make a capacitive discharge spot welder using a gate driver ZXGD3005E6

    I'm making a capacitive discharge spot welder. I want to parallel 36 MOSFETs IRFB7430PbF and use a gate driver for each MOSFET. I want quick switching times both on & off and ideally very little gate ringing when I switch the MOSFETs off. The gate driver I'm planning to use is the ZXGD3005E6. I will add a small resistor and ferrite bead to the MOSFET gate to help with ringing when turning the MOSFETs off (See application note). I've done as much reading as I can on the subject but I can't find the answer to this specific situation. I've seen other situations where the gate lines are all tied to together (before the gate resistor) but those weren't using a gate driver (See Alpha & Omega application notes). The purpose was to try and have all the MOSFETs turn on at the same time, as much as possible anyway.

    Click image for larger version

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    Sig_Weld would come from the MCU, Electrode_POS is one welding electrode, with the other electrode being connected directly to the capacitor bank positive. Should I connect "Weld_Gate" to all the other driver chips (to help synchronize switching on time) or leave them separate? Please let me know if you see any other errors in my approach.

    As background information to the functioning of this circuit, I'll try and give an overview. A large bank of capacitors (504 * 5600uF 24V caps) is charged up to the desired voltage (using a seperate charging/discharging circuit). The MOSFETs bank, described above, will discharge the capacitor bank through the work piece creating the weld. I would like to be able to double pulse the weld, hence the need to turn off the MOSFETs with as little ringing as possible. Here is the charging/discharging circuit.

    Click image for larger version

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    I've built 2 other spot welders. The first was using a microwave transformer, but using thick welding tabs, it simply takes too much time to weld. Too much heat gets into the battery. The second welder was following the design on ZEVA. This is the welder I currently use and it's very functional but cannot do double pulse. This was not a design goal of that welder and it really does a good job. I can't thank Ian Hooper from ZEVA enough for putting his design online for others of us to use.