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Feeding birds off a deck without a poopy deck...

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  • Feeding birds off a deck without a poopy deck...

    My wife has loved having bird feeders out this past year, but the result of feeding birds near a deck is a poopy deck. I decided to find a way to cantilever a hanger for feeders away from the rails. That presented the problem of adding seed to the feeders since they are nearly 18 feet off the ground. I had the idea of building a carousel so that the feeders might be swung onto the deck for refilling, but positioned off the side for use by dirty critters. I decided a trailer axle would do the trick. It might be a little over-kill, but I can expect it to hold up for the long haul. A local trailer repair joint had a junked axle that had spun a bearing on one side, leaving the other side useful. I used some other scrap around and fabbed up what you see pictured.

    I also had the unanticipated effect of frustrating the raccoons who had apparently been emptying the feeders by standing on the rail. So far, the seed has been lasting about 10 times as long as it had been. Bonus! The only thing I spent money on was the hangers. Purchased them at Lowes and cut to size. The welding was effective, but isn't beautiful. Spent a good deal of time grinding off the ugly stuff before sandblasting and painting.

    Thought is was worth sharing. Hopefully the deck and finish might last longer.

    Thanks for the encouragement..


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    Too bad this forum makes it so hard to add a fullsize picture, but for some reason they don't care to fix the issue. I'd like to see the details on that one.


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      Heck I bash on this forum every time I can about the image issue.
      To me It proves virtually no one actually reads this unless it gets out of hand.
      I'm thinking whoever re-formatted the system took Miller for a ride and the budget is spent, and it is a non discussion matter.
      I see this happening all over now. In local government and business. Some one comes in and talks about all this and that on system networks and such and sells them the moon, only to find they were way in over their head. And almost no one is smart enough to fix it.
      I loved the V-Bulletin everyone used a few years back. at least it worked!!!
      Great Idea on the birdfeeder BTW
      I need to create something similar.
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        Thanks! It serves a purpose.