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Source for 'Captured Cable' Idler Sheaves

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  • Source for 'Captured Cable' Idler Sheaves

    The table/bed lifts on better H-Frame presses and the weight mechanisms for gym equipment feature idler sheaves that are partially enclosed. There is an outer cap that covers the sheave groove so that the cable is unable to escape.

    A few years ago I added a winch to a small h-frame press to assist with raising/lowering the press table. I just used unshielded idler sheaves to route the stranded lift cable at the time. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally the lift cable derails, jumping out of a sheave groove. I would like to update to enclosed sheaves, but I am not having any success finding vendors.

    I can't image that press and gym equipment mfrs are making their own enclosed sheaves. Does anyone have suggestions about sources for these kinds of sheaves?

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    Easy enough to make if you have a lathe. How about some big sheet metal flat washers on each side. You can cut them with a holesaw...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      What Bob said...

      Just take it to a machine shop and they can make one easy.

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        I purchase my replacement pulleys from Block Division in Texas. Our athletic equipment manufacturer does make their own. Some pulleys just have a strap up and over the sheave.



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          Faston4. When I went to look at Block Division's website, I realized I had been there earlier but hadn't gone beyond the 'home page' at the time because only a very basic text version of the page appeared on my machine. However, on your recommendation, this time I drilled into their .pdf catalog and was dutifully impressed. Nice products. Just didn't see what I am after.

          I found a picture of my 'Captured Cable' idler pulley/sheave on Baileigh's website that will help illustrate what I am talking about:
          Baileigh HSP-50A Hand/Air 50T H-Frame Press.
          Table Lift System:
          Detail of Cable Idle Sheave

          The Baileigh pulley is a little more sophisticated than some, but it illustrates how the cable is captured and the mechanism is shielded from dirt & swarf.

          AAMM & BB. Thank you for the suggestions about DIM'ing or outsourcing these. I have the machines, skills and materials - everything, but the time.

          My projects have projects. When I set out to upgrade, I figured that rather than reinvent the wheel, a little research and $20-30 for 4 pulleys would lead to just what I want arriving on the doorstep. I know these things are out there, I just need to find out what they are called in the industry and locate a source.


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            Looks like some pulleys I picked up at tractor supply for a job a few months ago, just with an added fancy little plastic cover so the super smart amongst us don't put their digits in there for fun.


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              Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
              Looks like some pulleys I picked up at tractor supply for a job a few months ago ...
              Thanks for the tip.

              Were the ones from TS conventional pulleys: 1 or more sheaves in a block/frame? That's all a search today brought back - a selection of <= 3" dia no-name units with different types of restraining configurations and some larger pulley and snatch block examples from Tuff Tug, Champion and Traveller


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                Take a look here:
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                  I don't know how fancy of a pulley you're looking for. Tuf-tug brand, made in Murica!! 4" diameter sheave block, 3k lbs. capacity. I think the part number is SB3000FM. If any of that helps.


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                    Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
                    I don't know how fancy of a pulley you're looking for. Tuf-tug brand, made in Murica!! 4" diameter sheave block, 3k lbs. capacity. I think the part number is SB3000FM.
                    The SB3000FM is one of Tuff Tug's Flat Mount Block models, suited for 3/8" cable.

                    Shown on their website here:

                    The type of sheave/pulley I set out to find is along the lines as used on the Baileigh h-press above - very positive encapsulation of the cable as it goes around the sheave.

                    However, I admit that the discussion here has made me think about how my present set-up (open sheave rolling on shaft mounted in lugs welded to h-frame) could be improved by just going to a store-bought pulley/block. Right now, the cable can derail from my sheaves - perhaps the sides of the pulley can be relied on to return the cable back to the center of the groove in the sheave in event of a mishap.

                    I'd still prefer to find what I set out looking for. If that item does not turn up for a reasonable cost, I will consider changing over to pulleys/blocks.

                    No one has mentioned it, but one avenue to explore is whether Baileigh offers replacement parts and if so, how much their captured cable idler sheaves cost.

                    Thanks, RyanJones