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opinions on welding on air compressor tank

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    Ya, it's too big to toss around, that's for sure. Looks like Zoro has that stuff in stock. If it's basically a cutting fluid, I can certainly use it.


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      Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
      Ya, it's too big to toss around, that's for sure. Looks like Zoro has that stuff in stock. If it's basically a cutting fluid, I can certainly use it.
      Mixes with water.................looks like milk

      rust inhibitive coolant cutting lube


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        Finally getting back around to this job. Cut the old fittings off, ordered some new weld in threaded bungs, then I got a good look on the inside. I’m not worried at all about my welds on this tank, the original ones aren’t even full penetration. So I’m going to cut one end off and send this whole mammer jammer off to the sand blaster, let him get the inside good and clean. Barring any major issues, I’ll weld her back up, toss in some of that schmoo Heidi was talking about and finally have the air source I’ve desperately needed. I’m going to try again to post some pictures. I’m not good at it in the first place and neither is this forum setup.
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          Looks good to me...Bob
          Bob Wright

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            I'm in agreement with Bob, it does look good. Full steam ahead.

            But I see the discussion of a bigger picture... I see the camp that worries of risk and danger and those who see the metal and say lets weld it up. Simply stated.

            Now, with only a simple understanding of pressure vessel codes and standards, which actually apply... I know they will allow a lot of allowances
            in the way of repairs, refits and adjus
            tments if you follow them in making repairs. In the end it's metal soundness vrs. pressure, simply applied. They do allow for sections being cut out and replaced, openings and fittings.

            I admit...I've seen sketchy welding repairs, and on things that do go boom, or crash, that worries me. At the same time, I understand that 70 thousand pounds of weld metal strength per square inch far exceeds the 54 thousand of most metals in tensile strength. Simply put.

            So...if my calculations are correct the welding won't be the issue, the issue will be sound metal to weld to. With knowledge and confidence in the man doing the job, and making repairs accordingly, it'll come to welding metal. Thats quite the score. Carry on ryanjones2150. It looks good. And if I may say so, like you know what your doing!


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              I think I’m going to cut both ends off. I can’t imagine it being a pleasant experience for the sandblaster to stick his wand down in a 20 something inch diameter tank, 5 feet deep, and enjoy the blowback. That way I can also cut the compressor head and motor mounts off and get the underside of all that cleaned up as well and still be able to sling this chunk of metal and move it around. But I’m about to be down for the count for a few weeks, found out today I need surgery on a hernia. Guess it could be worse though. Basically have four days to get as much done as possible before I’m out for about 6ish weeks. Pending any surgery delays at least.


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                Hernia eh? I have some advice, take the pain meds. Depending on the location and type, when the shots they give you wear off, it's going to hurt. I hope you have some assistance for the first day or two.


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                  Good luck with the Hernia. Been there done that TWICE. Not fun but you do heal and can carry on as you did before the surgery. Just don't push it too soon give your body time to recover. Get help to pick up heavy stuff when you first get back.Took me six months to fully recover, although I was back working in 6 weeks.


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                    Thanks guys. I love asking for helping lifting heavy stuff. And since I’m a one man shop, that help is usually tomorrow, two hours away at the least. Anyway, this is gonna suck.