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Here's a different idea for car ramps

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  • Here's a different idea for car ramps

    I thought these might help with a different idea for ramps for whatever
    is on wheels or track.You can also add stake pockets if you want.
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    I have a set very similar to that on my dovetail as well. I absolutely love them. The only down side is if you need to use the trailer to haul overlength material, they are a bit involved to take off and store. As for me, about 99% of the time I am hauling something on wheels or tracks so it makes for really quick turn around on loading and unloading. Another good thing is that they won't bounce loose from the trailer like the hook-on type ramps. Ever gotten the front wheels loaded and the ramps pop loose before the rear wheels get on the ramps? Pain in the neck to say the least. One thing to watch on those is the securing device for the hinge pin assembly. Originally I had a clip type retainer to hold them in, thinking it would be easier to take them off. The only problem is that it is also easier for them to work the clip out. I now have a bolt and jam nut set up that hasn't budged in months. I f you load on uneven ground like I do on most job sites, sometimes the trailer will compress the suspension so that the trailer is still sitting on the ramp stand after the equipment it loaded. The easiest solution I've found is just to very slowly pull forward a few inches and it will "roll" off of the stands and let you secure them. SSS
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      I like the support

      I really like the idea of the ramps supporting some the weight at the end of the trailer..i've seen a lot of trailers bent that would have probably been OK with a set of ramps like these..Thanks for the pictures..I've not noticed any around here built like these.
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        I made mine so you could lay the ramp down on the trailer for the long stuff. You just have to put them down before you load. Some additional support was put under the pipe on the trailer and the pipe to ramp connection after these photos were taken and I hauled a 7000 lb. tractor all summer with no problems.
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