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  • bench top mill recommendation

    Moving forward here in my little ole fab shop, I need a bench top mill. As much as I'd love to have an old Bridgeport, there is just no way I would have room for it. I'm looking to replace my bench top drill press with a bench top mill. I figure some of you have experience with these machines I would like your input. As an example of what I'm looking for, here is a link:

    I know very little about this company or that machine, the only reason I selected that link is because that machine fits the type, size and cost.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Ryan I have one similar to that one that I got at Harbor Freight and the bigger which can be bench mounted, the bigger one has the cabinet below it, like them both but the Bridgeport is the best, something wrong with yours.


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      I don't one. I have this south bend that I need to get going though.


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        I have a CNC version of that basic mill.... I like it...

        It is HEAVY..... Buy the pedestal (cabinet)
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          Ryan, my speed reading made me type the wrong thing, how is that for an excuse, what is the model of South Bend lathe that you do have and what needs to be done to get it going, Joe


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            Joe...I have an old 13" SB. Here's what I know for sure outside of a once a over:

            Cross slide gib
            Compound gib
            Tool post
            Tailstock hand wheel, maybe the quil
            Reattach the lead screw and gear box (but since it's off, may as well go through it good)
            Drive belt

            I bought a rebuild kit and manual, just haven't had the time to tackle it. Trying to stay a few jobs/projects ahead so I don't end up having time and waiting on parts, but I keep getting more fab and repair work that's getting in the way!

            Heiti...that machines seems to have one of the biggest drive motors for machines in its class. I see a lot of guys like the grizzly machines. Probably made in the same factory anyway. One upside is that company, Bolton tools, has a show room on the other side of Houston from me. Not a bad drive, 90 minutes or so. If the support is available, that would be worth buying from them.


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              Ryan, sounds like that is a right size lathe, those parts are gettable, like you its the time, working some long hours at this new company, want to make them some good money but means a lot of time on the road selling and at 66 those miles are getting hard on me, I am wanting to retire and spend the rest of my days in the shop, yard and garden, I don't think I will ever drive again, told the wife if we don't grow it we dead, between the drunks, drugs and texting drivers on the road it is a of dogging them when they come over the line, someday


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                Well come sell me some of whatever it is you're selling. Then we can talk lathes and Welders and beer and gardens....