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Building a pipe welding truck

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  • Building a pipe welding truck

    I'm setting up a 2015 Ram 3500 crew cab dually with Aisin upgrade as a dedicated pipe welding truck. I've found many beautiful commercial pipe rig beds from various manufacturers but almost feel dirty paying another man to build and weld something for me. I'd take far more pride in the completed project if I build the bed myself. In addition, I've found no commercial bed available that would allow me to utilize my OEM goose neck hitch that I ordered with the truck (by far superior to any other hitch I've used). Commercial pipe beds that I've seen with an integrated goose neck hitch moves the hitch toward the rear of the bed instead of centered over the rear axle. I would resolve this by putting my machine against the cab and move my torch bottles elsewhere (to be determined later).
    I've built many utility and equipment trailers over the years and I've also built many flatbeds for cab and chassis trucks (straight frame rails), but I've never attempted anything as complex as a dedicated welder bed with contours and angles that are aesthetically pleasing. I've also never built a bed that would utilized the OEM frame mounted goose neck hitch. I can find many on line tutorials for building flatbeds and trailers, but nothing to get me started toward building what I want for this truck. Any advice, direction, suggestions or build prints to get me started would be sincerely appreciated.

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    My advice is to pick all the features you like in the different beds you can buy, move them around to fit your needs and build your dream pipe welding truck bed. Absolutely make a drawing to keep on track. Don't forget to keep us posted on your progress and post lots of pic's.


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      You can't pull an RV (gooseneck) with a welding machine on the bed unless the ball is moved well back.
      Maybe a stock trailer, if the gussets don't wipe out the onbed boxes..
      Blueprints only exist in the feeble minds of pipeline welders.
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