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  • Need a second perspective! Help!!

    Have wasted many hours engineering and building this system. Green 6" sch 10 vertical pipe is dirty air going in. White is clean air going to pump. System was supposed to be a partially enclosed system, pulling shavings from a saw and from a chamfering machine,through cyclone, and taking clean air to help blow shavings into suction hoppers at both machines. After installing inverted cones inside to help direct air flow around and down to bottom at bottom of blue cyclone. And installing a flap in top,at clean air pipe to lift bottom china cap and close system using the force and volume of air to pump to seal system until cycle is complete. (about 3 minutes). Plastic shavings are lighter than wood shavings ant go in and directly to pump and back through system again. So had some wire screen and rolled it into a 20 inch tube. Enclosed suction pipe with it and also rolled a complete second inner cyclone that goes up against inside flights to control and ensure air travel. Also did not work. After two cycles the screen is plugged because of the static electricity. I ordered a section of perforated steel with 1/4 inch holes so there will be more of a smooth surface for the partials to slide off. Think i might be trying to control air flow to much. Thinking of removing last modification (all done through a 10x 14 inch window) and bending perforated steel into a box so i can utilize the air flow at the end of cycle to blow off plastic. Idea is not having the large waste bag connected to cyclone because it would not get dumped till it is completely full and plugging up the other areas. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. If not anyone know of any Oregon jobs available?

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    Try posting pic again it's to small to see detail