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    Was thinking up a cart for my chop saws, and browsing the site, so thought I would share a cheap/easy way to make a nice welding cart. I went all round town looking at carts and since I like to use a 125cf tank (tall and skinny), all the budget carts made from sheet metal just felt like junk so I went to Harbor Freight and purchased two hand trucks. Busted out the sawzall/angle grinder and conjured up this frakenstein. It was a few years ago, but I *think* it cost me around $60 for the two trucks. Got one regular and the other had the little wheels on it. Fits the Hobart Handler perfect and a tall bottle (I know it's not a Miller, but it does use Miller parts :P)

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    Nice use of wimpy hf products. Looks plenty sturdy for little welder roll around cart.