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I need help with a steering system.

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  • I need help with a steering system.

    I am building a drive stystem for a feeder that you stand on the back of the machine like a walk behind mover. I no next to nothing about steering systems and the first one I tried was impossible to steer because sometimes there is 8-900 pounds on the turf tires. I did some reading about different systems and came up with this, I am limited on space so that is a factor. I attached pictures and any imput would be appreciated. The first pic is straight with the dimensions, and the second is the max I need to turn, and the third is with the control so you can understand how it is situated. Thanks again Click image for larger version

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    With kind of weight on the front, you'll most likely need some sort of power steering or gear box. What's the whole apparatus look like? Is this a fabbercobble creation of yours or a commercially available doofloppy?


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      And that is why I need help, lol. It is very rare that it has that load, and when it does there is not much need to move it. It usually has about 400 pounds. I just do not know where my steering arm should be in relation to my tie rod ends and the more I read the more confused I get.


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        Front or rear steer? You said it's like a walk behind. If you attach a lever similar to a little kids wagon handle, it would take a small amount of effort to turn. Running the steering handle underneath you could push and steer from the rear with front steer wheels. Can you post pic's of the actual machine.


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          If it were me... I would experiment with different distance lengths for your (2.84" measurement) and for your T-handle steering mechanism. Your basically working with levers trying to attain a mechanical advantage that makes the wheels easier to turn. As was mentioned with the kid wagons... they had a long handle that the you could pull behind you when they were loaded heavy. If that long handle were really short, you'd have less mechanical advantage. Thus turning the wagon wheels would be harder. I could see where turning that short T handle could be very difficult if you had a heavy load.

          Just my thoughts... might even experiment with some gears. Large gear at your center point, and a small gear on your steering shaft, with a round steering wheel that could make multiple revolutions and you wouldn't have a handle end sticking out to run into also.

          The work done by a constant force of magnitude F on a point that moves a displacement (not distance) s in the direction of the force is the product.

          Think about the days of vehicles before power steering where it seemed like you'd turn the wheel at least 4 or 5 times to turn your truck around, and now with power steering you may turn it all of 2 times. The power steering is compensating for the additonal force needed to turn the wheel since it is making fewer revolutions to accomplish the same amount of work that was done with the vehicle without the power steering that needed more revolutions.
          Just my thoughts on it...


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            II think a rough drawing of what this thing is supposed to look like will help everybody


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              How about putting the two tires close together the you can steer it with a "T" handle bar on the top and if you cannot steer it that way still go with the tires together and use chain sprockets to turn the wheels, large on top the wheels and small one on the "T" handle.