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Mini pontoon boat up for sale

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  • Mini pontoon boat up for sale

    This was a project I built a couple years ago and now I'm going to sell it if anybody's interested in a mini pontoon boat for small private lake with electric trolling motors where you could put a gas engine on up to about 10 horse Power. I spent a lot of time building this but due to health reasons I'm going to have to sell I also have a float on trailer for it very unique unit one of a kind gets a lot of attention great fishing rig if interested You can text me at 517-404-6262 the location is 48169 ZIP Code

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    If you do a search on my posts you can see the different projects I've built here Some are up for sale


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      Looks nice and simple. Your WAY to far from me, so would be an arm and leg just for shipping. But I do enjoy looking at your build ideas. Almost makes me want to get a spool gun for my 252. We have a pretty good size no wake lake about 15 miles away and that would make a great leisure time fishing rig.

      I can't figure out where you guys source your aluminum pipe like that from. I'd like to little by little tinker with aluminum, but the local steel yard here only carries structural steel and building materials. There is no way I could attempt to build an aluminum project sourcing it from the little bins at Tractor Supply or Lowes, so it sort of stifles creativity without a good supplier.

      Awesome boat, and can't wait to see your trailer idea for it!


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        i do love the look of that boat!! It looks like it would be awesome for fishing!!


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          Not a sale unfortunately but I will say I really admire your work.