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Needoject material advice please.

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  • Needoject material advice please.

    Should have read need project material advice, can't edit title. Sorry
    Want to build these 15 ft long 12'' wide ramps I figure I can weld 4inch square tubing to the bottom of the ramps at 1/3rd and have front pivot at 2/23rds effectively making the ramp only haveing to support full load in the middle of each 5ft section. I will put my pivot point close to dead center under the front tire,and my rear crossbar jacking point at the most common rear wheel center point so most of the lifting loads will by compression loads under the tires. Any idea what I am going to need to build this? In my opinion it is basically 3 x 5ft trailer ramps with a 4000lb rating but I don't know what to build those out of. Also the driving platform I am going to weld angle to the bottom open side up every 10 inchs or so and lay plywood on top I would use 2x6s but that will allow the tire to easily jump the side rail. So basically what size and gauge of angle for side rails and bottom supports.Thanks
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    Those ramp doodads are pretty cool. I suppose .125 thou should be skookum enough I suppose. Probably a heck of a lot heavier than anything like that made in China.