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welding diesel tidy tanks

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  • welding diesel tidy tanks

    I have welded tidy tanks in the past normally empty steamed out and have a air compressor going into one hole airing them out.
    Well my work truck has 350 liters in it and wear the pump threads in the tank is cracked I dont have any way to drain the tank right now but i was thinking i could fill it right up so theirs no space for vapor, mig welding is what i'm using.
    Being a logger on machines normally we just fill them right up and weld cracks but with this its right at the top of the tank. Recently i did try and weld it on very low heat with no luck i'm only looking for a temporary fix this tank will be going to scrap once i get a tool and fuel combo.

    sorry for bad spelling and that stuff
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    I've seen guys weld on tanks that are full of diesel fuel, but I'm not going to do it. If the crack is at the top and you're about to scrap with tank, just don't fill it all the way up. I can't tell anything from the picture you posted, its so small. Posting pictures on here has somehow become rocket science. Of which I am not a student of.


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      I,m not a fan of welding these tanks might just throw on some jb weld for now its not a bad leak just when i hit bumps it slosh around iv just left a bunch of oil pads around it.


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        I will not do gas anymore in any way. But hv welded lots of diesel. If empty I fill with CO2 or argon and let gas flow in wile welding. If can't drain then I do them full so little to no gas pocket. I welded a loader fuel tank last month that was leaking in bottom, small crack. Clean & grind then get the water weld epoxy putty that is good for fuel & oil. Mix till gets warm then clean crack with acetone and quickly work putty into crack and keep working in and pressing hard around edges, it will stop the leak even if seeping just work in with a lot pressure. <br />
        Then I cut a steel patch and weld over it. Works every time. <br />
        If ur crack is at top should be able to just weld crack. I leave tank open so can't build any pressure and normally will stitch weld and keep Arc back on weld and push it ahead to keep penetration to min. <br />
        Hope it helps


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          i welded it up today took the pump off put the shop vac on blow with the other vent off left it for 30 mins then welded short stitches keeping the head not crazy i hear long beads getting the tank glowing is bad. but welded without any issues then i add jb weld for extra gonna scrap this tank come summer probably.


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            Great glad worked out for you. <br />
            Client called yesterday bringing a tank in today to be welded. Follow a few precautions and there fairly safe to weld. I Tig weld most of them if in shop.