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Protection for 375 Xtreme plasma

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  • Protection for 375 Xtreme plasma

    I didn't like the plastic box that Miller makes, but I wanted to keep the little plasma cutter portable,complete/ready to use and give the machine (especially the filter on the back) some decent protection.. The "cage" is made from small square tubing, the cables are all held by Velcro cable ties from Lowe's, the carrying strap is one I had lying around (originally from a gun), the air filter and the associated fittings are from Home Depot. The machine sits on, and is attached to, the two cross tubes under it. Painted it a nice matching BLUE, of course!! Am now thinking about putting some kind of feet (maybe rubber ones) on it to make it sit better on the ground. BTW, the fourth picture is kind of hidden---you have to click on the thing that says 4 photos to see it.
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