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Tig Settings on a Syncrowave 250???

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  • Tig Settings on a Syncrowave 250???

    I have a Syncrowave 250 (older by the looks of it) in my shop, and was wondering if anyone could recommend what I need to set everything at to Tig alum. I'm going to a formal school in the near future for Tig, but just want to get it running right so i can practice a little before then! I played with it some, and can get it to arc, but it wont lay a bead down to save my life. I'm using all the settings the miller calculator says, but sofar all the filler does is ball up and roll around! . Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks ahead of time!

    DC in the CG

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    How thick are you trying to weld


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      Syncrowave 250

      all the test pieces are 1/8" thick. I've played with the amps, polarity and setting and sofar nothing will lay a bead down. I'm 95% sure its operator error tho!


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        Maybe cause you need to be running AC for AL?
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          You may be better off to wait a little while & get the formal training instead of trying to learn it on your own. It's much easier to learn the right way to start with than to pick up wrong information & bad habits, & then have to unlearn them before you can get it correct.
          I wish I could have learned in a more controlled setting with an instructor there to help. Don't make his job harder by "learning" before he gets a chance to teach you the correct way.
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            Syncrowave Tig

            Thats probably best. I'll just wait for my school to come up! Thanks, I appreciate everyone's input!