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Cat 304 broken boom ear

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    Nice work. You're a valuable member of your crew there and clearly as asset to your company. The down time on that machine can very costly. <br />
    <br />
    Did you at least have some help in the shop?


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      I am always nervous when I look at a post like this about what I will see but in your case you did a A++ job, well done.


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        Nice build up on the "tracks" of the CAT's boom and the customer should be pleased, but the original damage only confirms why I use JDs (or Hitachi) on the farm -- sure you have to rebuild a cylinder on two on the hydraulics, but they've done equal or harder work and the booms have remained in one piece.
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          MMW, Very nice looking job, years ago I had a similar repair, I lined the plate up and welded it together, everything went fine until I took it outside and stood the stick up vertical, my heart sunk when I realized the stick was crooked, I had to cut it back apart and redo it.

          Lesson learned, I always level the machine out and get the stick vertical to tack prior to fully welding.