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New to Miller, just saying hi

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  • New to Miller, just saying hi

    Hi all,

    I've been to this forum getting welding info, but I am now a Miller owner so I thought I'd join.I just sold my Lincoln 250/250 to gain space in my garage, and I dont do much aluminum. My plan was to buy a Lincoln 350MP for the mig and tig capabilities, but after researching I decided to go with the Miller 350P w/ an Edge and Bernard gun and then just buy a Maxstar 200 for the small stuff I do. When the dust settled, I just couldn't not get the Dynasty 200DX. My need for space prompted me to make a twin bottle all-in-one cart. I have had the new welders for two weeks and haven't even turned them on. I used the old trusty mig to build this, but now I am ready to play with the new stuff. The extra space is for a new plasma cutter.

    Talk to you later
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    Real Nice. Welcome...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Fixed the miniature photos by creating a folder
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        Gotta love that dynasty.
        if there's a welder, there's a way


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          Nice job on the cart.


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            Thanks guys!! Happy welding