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Fabricating idea for mounting plates for single sided ladder rack

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  • Fabricating idea for mounting plates for single sided ladder rack

    So earlier in the summer while working my last job, i put together a set of single sided ladder rack from some square tubing i picked up at local scrap yard for a few bucks.. i dont plan on carrying often, so wanted to come up with a set of plates that i can make to be easy to install and remove yet be secure and safe enough to hold up the racks.

    without modifying the truck bed, using what is available in the bed, the only thing i have, which is part of the truck bed is 4 hook loops lower in the bed, then up top on the back end there is a opening i can use, no pictures at the moment, but can post once i get some..

    Was looking to make some custom 1/4 plates that i can secure to the hook loops to hold the bottom of the rack, then some custom clamps to secure the middle portion of the rack to the top of the bed, but the plate for the hook loop is what is kinda getting me in a bind..

    I have 2015 Silverado, and i was thinking a plate, with a slot cut out to fit around the hook loop and then some form of bolt or something that will grab onto the loop and allow me to tighten to secure..

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I have ideas in my head on how to do it and now typing it out ive come up with another solution to give a try.. but if anyone else has already done something like this, it would be great to hear what you have to suggest.

    thank you

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    It would be nice to see what the rack looks like. In the mean time could you just weld another loop higher up on the rack and secure it to the lower loops with ratchet straps?


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      Not the best pic, but that is all i have at the moment, will need to take pics of the bed of the truck tonight.
      What i was thinking is fabing up a set of clamps to hold on to the top of the bed using the existing holes and on those clamps having a way to attach or slide in the racks to secure from the top, then have something similar to that on the bottom.. the problem is when you search online for pics of single sided ladder rack, there arent many custom built setups, so not easy to find ideas of how to secure it right..

      I only plan on using these to pick up material for welding, so needs to stay secure and safe so i dont loose a load on the drive home..


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        Do you have stake pockets on top rail of bed


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          If you are referring to the square opening/hole along the top of the bed, yes, 2 of them one on each side toward the tailgate area.. BUT they are only about 4" to 5" deep.So that is where i was referring to make a custom clamp that can use that open to clamp into, then have someway to secure that clamp to the actual rack stem.

          Ill take pics of the truck bed and what its setup factory that id like to use without modifying the truck.


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            Pretty tall order to hold anything substantial. As the newer the trucks get the more they are is grocery getters.


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              Most trucks have them in front also .May have covers over them.


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                I'm not so sure that clamping anything to sheet metal that expects an axial load is a good idea. Generally you see these types of racks sit right down on top of the bed rail and are bolted down or sit down into the bed, but they're also three sided. Your uprights, when loaded, will have no lateral support. If you're planning to haul steel or other heavy loads, imagine the pressure on those uprights when you make a turn.


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                  If you have stake pockets make something that fits the hole tight ,attach ladder rack to it .Stake pocket should have a hole in it ,make this the attachment point ,however you want.The ladder rack is built for ladders not pipe or lumber.If hauling lumber or pipe make a pipe rack


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                    Here are pics of the current opening and the available mounting points within the bed itself.. Im not looking to cut corners on this, i completely understand the importance of making sure everything is secure and proper. When i say ill be hauling metal(tubing and rods and flats) my purchases are normally 2 or 3 pieces, but in the past ive always had to have the material cut in half to put in the back of the truck, these are for allowing me to carry the full length or atleast longer cuts so i dont end up with wasted material. The racks themselves are 1/4 thick wall square tubing i picked up at the scrap yard some time back, structurally the racks will support the few pieces i buy from time to time... Thats why im looking for safe and secure ways to install in the bed using existing openings and mounts..

                    By no means are the existing openings and mounting areas the only thing that is going to hold/support the racks, i plan on making custom mounting plates out of 1/4 steel plate i have that will then be held to the truck using existing areas.. so the making the top plate sit on the railing of the bed is fine and drops into the opening for securing im good with..

                    Attached are pics of the setup, in the one with the highlights, i cropped off the wrong side of the pic, so the bottom highlight is in the wrong place, it should be on the left of the top, not the right.. ill have to post a different pic later.


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                      Keep in mind the material i buy or pick up is for hobby projects, literally max of 5 pieces if you count the cuts, if not cut more like 1 to 3 every few months or longer.. Like my current need to pick up is 5/16 solid rod and 1/2 - 16ga tubing, they come in 20ft length and those are light, but 20ft will not work out of the back, so cutting them will get me home without the racks, but would prefer longer solid pieces or longer cuts and thats where the racks come in.