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  • Attn: owners of the MM210...

    Hi Gang: Please forgive me if this has been posted somewhere before, I couldn't find it if it has. I have a MM135 now and want to upgrade to something a little bigger, perhaps the MM210. I have two concerns, and need your advice.

    #1 is the M25 gun physically too large for working small stuff like 1/2 square tubing and 1/2 wide flat bar, small expanded metal, etc??? The M10 gun on the 135 is exactly the right size for what I do and I understand the 210 has a bigger gun...?

    #2 as you can gather by the above question, I do a lot of smaller stuff, mixed in with the occasional piece of .120 wall 2x2 square tubing object. Will the 210 dial down low enough to do thin stuff like .065 wall square, .088 sheet, etc. without a lot of TLC to prevent burn out? Having not worked with a 210 before, all I'm going on is peoples recommendation of the 210 as being a great machine. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Ronnie Lyons
    Meridian, Idaho

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    I've got a MM185 the machine the MM210 replaced, & I love it! It'll easily dial down for the small stuff & the gun is a reasonable size. I'm not sure how much this will apply to the 210, but I think they're very similar.
    EVERYBODY that has a MM210 loves it! I think you will too.
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      The M10 gun from your MM135 will slip right into the MM210 as the backend is the same as the M25 it comes with. I have a M10 gun but just about quit using it as the M25 is fine for most small stuff. As far as thin materials I do 20ga using .030 wire with no problems, I used to use .023 wire but got tired of changing it out. I have done .022-024 guage with .023 wire fairly well without much burn-thru. It's a great machine ...
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      Regards, George

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        I also have a MM185 with a M-15 gun, my buddy has a MM210 with the M-25 gun. I like my gun better for the small stuff i do where his may be better suited for bigger stuff. I weld thousands of 3/8" sq tube's all the time with 4-5 thousand welds. Somewhere Miller changed the numbers for the guns, we have at work a 110v Miller with a M-10 gun that is dinky compared to the M-10 gun on my buddys Hobart, his is like my M-15 so be careful if adapting a way older M-10 gun...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          The only thing, I would not do any high amperage welding with the M-10, it is too light and will get too hot to handle.