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Heavy duty 10" to 14" drop axle

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  • Heavy duty 10" to 14" drop axle

    I been asked to make a single axle forklift trailer. Forklift weighs 10,000 lbs trailer will be somewhere between 2,500 and 4,000 when done. Therefore I need an axle with 18 to 20,000 Lb. capacity. Tires for the trailer will be standard semi truck tires. With 7' ramps the trailers floor has to be no higher than 15" off the ground so the forklift doesn't high center going in and out. Tilt bed has been ruled out as an option. Anybody know a company that could make me a 10" to 14" drop axle for this application. Planning on leaf spring suspension with springs under the axle. I talked with Hendrickson Intl. they can't help. Any ideas?

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    Have a company flame cut you one from a thick slab then have someone else machine the spindle/kingpin holes in it. We just had some 8" plate flame cut and its perfect looking. Just my .02...Bob
    Bob Wright