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ID:	573151Replace the one in the back ground that has been mashed, cut, run over about the time school let's out they usually bash boxes, they might get the box but not the rest, that is made from 51/2" oil field casing with 3/8" wall and the bottom is 3' in the ground, could not find the size numbers that I wanted yet to hang under the wrench, if I had my Plasma cutter, Heypertherm 45 that been in the shop for two months ?

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    I'll you borrow my plasma if want, Joe. <br />
    <br />
    I hope your mailman appreciates the concrete drove you made for him too!<br />
    <br />
    Nice work. The silver on the tools, is that the "chrome" spray paint?


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      thanks for the offer Ryan, would never borrow something like that, If all works out going to pick up the Plasma Cutter Monday, said it would be at his office Friday and I was in Houston in a meeting all day so Monday will see if he is lying to me again, guess what really gets me upset with the whole deal this is the second printed board, the machine has not bee abused and in the AC he wanted 700:00 labor not going to do that with the past history, really up set with Hyperthrem and Air Gas, the people at Air Gas said they would work with me, I think that would be a good Idea, ok, back to the subject, the Mail Woman is very happy and most of all the Mrs. and yes that is Chrome paint really flows on easy hope it last a while if not will paint it and the cars as the drive by, if the bash this box I have some Oil Field casing to make the next one, will cut it out and put a smaller section for the box to slide in going to make it look like a covered wagon with wheels (maybe with a Plasma cutter that works) but hope the don't destroy this for a while, other projects going on, might be getting me another Lathe, found a south bend shop kept its 16' long, got all the toys and even a tapper attachment, the fellow wants $ 400.00, probably get it for the wife, I am good to her ????????????


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        $400? It must be junk. Has to be junk. But I tell you what, since I make you all these good offers and all, I'll give $405 for it once you get it. Then you can take that 5 bucks and buy your wife some flowers to smooth over having to spend so much on the dadgum plasma.


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          Ryan, you to good to me, if you give me that I will not tell her and I will put all of it in my pocket but if we get caught it's each man for himself, trust me on this one I will give you up, I am going to start building a skid tomorrow with some 2 3/8" tubing so I can put the late on it and move it in the shop, I checked the date and it was built in 1916, I got a piece of history when we Americans were craftsman's, he said it sat in that shop where he got it for 40 years unused, when I get it here will post some pics. ,


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            I can't wait to see that old machine chooch again Joe!


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              Yo Joe...get that big ol lathe choochin yet? I have an axle shaft from a swamp buggy I need to turn. Have to cut a sprocket off, replace a bearing and reweld the sprocket to the shaft. My itty bitty ol lathe whimpered and cried when I mentioned it.