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Replacing Ground Cable

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  • Replacing Ground Cable

    Need to replace ground cable on MM175. Probably upgrade to #4 cable (from #6). Can someone recommend good source for cable and connectors?

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    Why would you want to increase the size? The original is what Miller decided was the best option for your machine, to go bigger will only cost you more.
    As for a source, check with your LWS.
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      I was going to change the ground setup anyway since I'm not a big fan of the MM175 ground clamp. Probably go with Tweco copper clamp. Was browsing at HD the other night and noticed a Lincoln 175 rig with #4 ground cable. Many of the capacity tables tend toward #4 with the current range of the 175.

      Just gotta find some connectors that will fit the MM175 attachment block. My LWS tends toward the large commercial firms and doesn't much want to deal with lowly DIYers.


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        I always want to try the local guys first.
        Try this place :

        Professional Auto Mechanic since 1974
        My own shop since 1981
        Cya Frank


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          I am Miller's Product Manager for the MM175. Upgrading to #4 work lead is just fine. If you going to make it longer that the standard 10 ft., then a #4 is a very good idea. A longer #6 will reduce the voltage to the arc and cause problems. Go to your local welding distributor for the cable, they have the tools to install the connectors.

          May I ask what you dislike about the MM175 work clamp? Have you ever had a problem with it?



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            I don't have a dog in this hunt, but.....


            When I'm interviewing welders or looking at welding machines the ground clamp is the first thing I look for. It is a HUGE window into the quality I can expect from either because it is so easily overlooked and yet critical to the process as a whole. I use two types, both brass. A little more up front, but worth it in the long run.

            Keep up the good work.

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