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Millermatic 211 MV cleanup and cart build

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  • Millermatic 211 MV cleanup and cart build

    First post. Picked this old battle axe up yesterday from a bike dude.I mostly work in light ornamental with a red 140 but often I like to use 1/4 plates to bolt the casters to and then the occasional roof rack add ons in 3/16 or 1/4. I usually bust out the stick for that but. Here's a better answer.
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    Cart by LIncoln. It'll last longer ;-)


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	image_34160.jpg
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ID:	573748 YAWN...Exciting forum y'all gotz here.Put a man whip on her too 15 ft HTP
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        I have that identical 211, and I think I read that Miller does not recommend a 15' gun because drive motor life will be reduced. Can't remember for sure but it might be worth a bit of searching. I would keep that 15 footer as straight as possible.


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          Gone through about 3 rolls of wire since I put the 15 footer on. Nary a hiccup.No special care.Running HTP's gun. Its superior to the Millers..
          Are you running a spool gun on yours ? If so which one ? HTP has a 60% @ 160 amps I "might" bite at.....or the Miller 150.The 100's are a toy
          Just checked with Diana. $900. Not happening.I like the speed of a spool once in a while but I have $900 in patience to TIGGIT
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