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Please help, No lites, No buzzing, Nothing

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  • Please help, No lites, No buzzing, Nothing

    Hi I have a new syncrowave 200, I hooked the power up per the instructions verified correct voltage to the plug and through the power cord into the welder but when I turn the welder on nothing happens, no lites, no buzzing, the breaker does not trip.
    I am at a loss here.
    Thank you for any help.

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    If you're positive you've got the power hooked up correctly, it's time to call Miller.
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    Cya Frank


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      I know I was just hoping there was a switch somewhere on the machine that I was not flipping and one of you guys could tell me, "flip this switch bone head"

      well guess I get to wait till monday...


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        Been there, done that.
        Easy fixes are great, wish there were more of them
        Waiting sucks, especially with a new toy.
        Professional Auto Mechanic since 1974
        My own shop since 1981
        Cya Frank


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          It turned out to be my bone head move. I had L1 and L2 connected to the same lead (L1) in the breaker box, I fixed that and all of the lites came on.

          Thank you for trying.
          Now we will be armed with somthing new to try if this issue comes up again.


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            First uttered by Homer Simpson!
            [QUOTE] DOH DOH DOH! [QUOTE]

            Reminds me of my first 'test' for an electronics job.

            They pointed me in the direction of a non-operational school intercom system and said " Fix it, we'll time you "

            Not 90 seconds later they said " you passed ". ( it was unplugged )

            Then they pointed me towards a large saw with a 3 phase motor, it was running backwards. ( phases reversed )

            I worked for that company for a year after I retired from the Army. They literally took all the jobs nobody else would take. Seeing the various troubles on here from time to time reminds me of how much I forgot.

            One thing is for certain, I am never far from my Simpson 260 Multimeter.


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              Don't feel too bad. I worked for an appliance service center in college. I don't know how many times we made a service call to flip a breaker back on. A common problem with dryers (and anything on 220) is sometimes one of a twinned breaker will trip, but not with enough force to turn the other off. Now you have 110 at the machine. A lot of control circuits and fans run on 110. If that leg is live, the machine will have a bad case of "lights are on, but nobody's home!) SSS

              Oh, and Harcosparky, my VOM rides behind the seat of my truck...never leave home without it.
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