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  • Lathe:

    Hey Ryan, I was bad and I bought another Lathe, this is a Cincinnati Tray top, 12 /1/2'' X 36" and it was in Mauriceville, that's right in you back yard, got it for 800 had a few issues got all but one fixed, come with a Buck revisable chuck and a four jaw, the stand that the fellow built under it was almost as heavy as the lathe 4"X4"X1/2" angle iron, guess I have to give you that also, would you at least pay my gas to bring it there, promise I won't pooch in you neck of the woods anymore, well maybe.

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    I'll let you slide just this once Joe. Ya dirty rotten ......

    .....I hope you have all sorts of backlash in your cross slide....

    But yes, I shall pay your gas for the delivery of that machine! Go ahead and give her a tune up and a fresh paint job, then bring that old girl on over. You don't REALLY need it anyway. But if you ever need to use it, I'll rent you some time in it pretty cheap. Bring your own HSS though.
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