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  • Laser Welding

    Hi guys,
    it is my first partecipation for me in ur great forum...
    I am final year engineering student, i decided to have my bachelor project about laser welding...
    i am still in the phase of data collection and making sense of the project.
    so i would like to recieve ur help concerning LASER welding by supplying me with:
    1-Books and papers about the LASER welding Tech. , hazards, applications, limitations, and asic concept
    2-Vedioes for the process.
    3-scientefic journals
    4-Catalogs for laser welding and cutting machines, specially TRUMPH's laser welding and cutting machines. By the way, i dealed with one of the TRUMPH LASER cutting and spot welding machine and it was really more than wonderful.

    Waiting ur great help...
    C U ALL

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    Do a GOOGLE search. It's all there.