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3 Point Hitch Cart/Carrier

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  • 3 Point Hitch Cart/Carrier

    My project was to build a lightweight 3 point hitch cart for a customer. His situation was that he had a Kubota (45 horse) that he used to carry everything from firewood to chainsaws to garden implements to "you name it." I used a 350P with an alumapro gun. The welds came out reasonably well. I tested the carrier that hitches to the tractor out by picking up the rear end of car hauler to see if it would break. It held it with no problems. The carrier part weighs 50lbs. The other part weighs 201lbs. One reason he wanted it in aluminum, it would help with the payload that he is able to carry. In other words if he builds it in steel the front of the tractor would float off the ground...
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    Nice job ! Will do the job for mAny years


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      Thank you sir...