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Spindle repair.

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  • Spindle repair.

    Our lift at work had a bad spindle and the boss said take some measurements and have one made. So I did, and I made it and rebushed the hub. The shop fitter cut the old one off and welded mine on. All better now...Bob
    Bob Wright

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    I have never seen the drill attachment with bearings for the cross slide of the lathe.
    ••Was this a standard attachment or did you make it?

    Attached is a picture of drilling a hole with a standard QD tool holder which accommodates Morse taper tools.
    I use this in place of the tail stock drill Chuck, when I am drilling a hole in a small shaft and I want it centered perfectly.

    ••What caused the shaft for the lift to get damaged?

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      Don. I invented the cross slide hole driller to make furnace nozzles for a place I used to work. They had holes that were angled and had to be at all different degrees. I use a protractor dial on the spindle end to do the degrees. I am going to start selling them at least in my mind.

      The lift shaft was just from years of no grease and metal on metal. A local "professional" said that spindle would last another 100 years. I saw it drive by and said that's not right seeing the wheel leaning 10 degrees out at the top. So I took it off and found all the damage. It prob was purchased damaged and the professional was a real salesman and didn't have a clue. I am doing the other side now but it wasn't as bad. I did rework my shaft drilling it from the back and adding some grease holes and a fitting...Bob
      Bob Wright