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Certiflat welding table kit ?

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  • Certiflat welding table kit ?

    Has anyone bought and assembled and used one of these tables ? They look pretty good and the price is very reasonable !, thoughts, opinions ?

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    Never even heard of it.


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      Check it out at


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        So how can it be certified flat if you built it yourself? I know guys that can warp anything..Bob
        Bob Wright


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          Pretty cool kits. I suppose all those holes are for various types of fixturing and such? A bit expensive for stuff you have to put together yourself. Is there any reason why you don't just buy some steel a build a table? I have some fixturing on my welding table, and it's nice to have, but I actually rarely use it...for one, the area with the fixturing is not very big, unlike what's shown on that website, but it certainly comes in handy from time to time. <br />
          <br />
          I say a welding table should be built for its intended purpose. If you're building all sorts of things that need fixturing, then it'll probably be a good buy for you. If not, then just a steel work bench that you can weld on. <br />
          <br />
          I'd probably lose my mind by losing stuff down all those holes too.


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            If you can afford new(or used).... an "ACORN PLATTEN" is a first class way to go...

            Cast iron and machined flat..... "TRUE" surface...

            Really heavy too...........

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              Clever design and it ships flat by UPS which saves freight.
              Kind of like IKEA meets the Transformers.
              Nice feature is the ability to add more pieces to expand as needed.

              I have a Build Pro table and it works well.
              Has 5/8" diam holes like the certiflat table but it is 5/8" thick.
              Lots of clamps and fixtures available to hold work pieces but they are a bit expensive.

              Wanted to build my own table but a fabrication job came up suddenly so I got this.
              The rush job paid for the table so no complaints.

              ryanjones2150: Yes, I absolutely agree with you regarding the holes in the table.
              If I am working on smaller projects, I use a piece of sheet metal and SS steam table
              pans to keep the parts from getting lost. Saves lots of cussing.

              If I damage one of the plates, I can replace it and I can remove one
              or more plates to provide clearance if I have an oddly shaped piece,

              I believe Jody of Welding Tips and Tricks uses one of these also.

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                I use a large piece of 1 1/2" plate that was ground flat for my curved train track bridges...Bob
                Bob Wright


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                  It looks good maybe the tools might help.