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Need to conserve space , stacking my tig and mig welder?

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  • ryanjones2150
    +1 on the good quality wheels. On my massive airco I think I spent around $100 for all the wheels, not counting stock to make the axle on the rear...she's got big, rubber tread tires on her back side...but rolls as easily as you'd expect an 860something lbs Viking princess to rolls. Don't try and push her through the yard though.

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  • piniongear
    The 252 Mig dimensions are 19"W x 40" D x 30" H and 207 lbs.
    The Syn 180 dimensions are 13-1/2"W x 22-1/8"D x 21"H and 210 lbs.

    If I were to build it I would consider the following:
    The proposed cart will be long enough to accommodate the Mig which should be placed on top because of the panel door needing to be raised.
    The Syncro 180 would go below the Mig and sit on a shelf because it has a much smaller footprint.
    Since the 252 machine is so long, I may be able to include some 36" rod holders alongside the Syn 180 for Tig use.

    Oh, the cart just got longer......
    Since I have a Mig and a Tig machine mounted, I also will need a 75/25 gas bottle and an Argon bottle too.
    That adds another 8 to 10 inches to the length.
    So this cart now looks to be 20 inches wide and 50 inches long at minimum.
    It stands about 52 inches high plus the wheel size.
    It weighs over 450 lbs with two bottles.

    I have to remember to install some racks to hold the Mig cable and gun and ground cable as well as a rack to hold the Tig torch and it's ground cable.
    This thing is beginning to get large and complicated!

    I do not think adding a plasma cutter (in the future) is going to work, even if it is a lightweight inverter type.
    Also, a plasma cutter is usually a machine that you take to the work and you need an air supply. So why drag 450 lbs of cart around to make a plasma cut?

    I would use some good quality wheels. This is important!
    If you look at the two large wheels on my Tig cart I paid $32 each for those. People told me I was crazy but they are worth every penny.
    If you want a cart that can turn around in it's own footprint then consider 4 swivel casters. I like steel wheels for concrete use. In anycase, buy good quality wheels.

    To sum it up, I think the cart will work, but it sure is a crowded piece of hardware.
    I offer these comments only because I have been there and done that. There is much to consider before you start just cutting up some steel to build a cart.
    Think it through before you take action. I have a 251 Mig and the Tig cart setup in a shop that measures only 12ft x 24ft. It is tight but everything works because everything is on wheels.

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  • fadams
    I had my 211 stacked above my 625 plasma and I found I didn't use the plasma as much due to access, so I made a separate cart. I also noticed with the TIG if it is low, it is more of a pain to adjust, whereas if near bench/eye-level, it is easier to tweak. space is at a premium, but access is also important.

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  • Aeronca41

    This cart by piniongear is one of the nicest I've seen. Stacked it all very nicely.

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  • Michael ray
    My tig sits at my work bench...use the migs to roll around and do most of the work...I don't like dragging tigs all over the shop. Usually ends up a mess with 2 or 3 machines intertwined together...then one of your buddies will accidentally connect one to the other somehow and you'll end up with a stack of crap. I have a shopmaster with almost everything you can add on....hate dragging it around and it's a mig, tig and stick

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  • Michael ray
    Heavy duty casters are reasonable..steel is reasonable...make your own cart and you can build it 10 stories high if you want

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  • Need to conserve space , stacking my tig and mig welder?

    I know this has probably been talked about a hundred times, I searched and found some great pictures . I have a Miller syncrowave 180 tig and a Miller 252 mig welder and little garage space . I would like to stack the two , tig on bottom mig on top? Now I found pictures of what I would like to do but... I am concerned of stability ? Will it be stable with the weight of the mig on top , and I plan on adding a plasma in the mix somewhere . Any help would be great, and also what should I use for wheels? As I assume the wheels from my 252 were not designed to hold much more weight then the original machine . Thank you