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  • Horseshoes

    Neighbor lady is crazy about horses, used to barrel-race, is a very active member in a club, has a 16 year old daughter who is a state high school champion rider of some sort (I know little or nothing about horses). The mom wants me to weld up some horseshoes into decorative bric-a-brac of her design. She showed me similar stuff made by other guys, worst welds you ever saw (which is good by me, because my welds might not be the best you ever saw, LOL). The first item will be a wall-hanging. Lay a bunch of horseshoes face down on the welding table, edge to edge, and run short welds, maybe 3/8" long, where the horseshoes touch. Doing this kind of artsy-fartsy kitsch is a little embarrassing to me (I have no artistic talent, and maybe not much taste, either), but she's a great neighbor. Plus she's going to line me up with some real work repairing horse trailers for her buddies, providing me with some retirement income.

    So what I want to hear from you cowboys is, what are horseshoes made of? Cast steel? Cast iron? Something else? She hasn't given me one yet to spark-test. This should be a good job for the old MM175.

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    Most shoes Are plain mild steel or Alum. <br />
    As for the steel you can bend them hot or cold. <br />
    Wire brush & weld. ER70S-6 is fine. Mig or Tig will work. <br />
    I've made tons of stuff and Cowgirls love them!<br />
    Google horseshoe art or anything like that and lots of stuff will pop up. <br />
    Good luck <br />


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      Thanks, Greg. I guess I can tell MS from aluminum (though, WHICH aluminum would it be?).


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        Yep you will be able to tell just to look at them. But magnet will tell you if any question. <br />
        Also alum is just normal alum nothing special. <br />
        Most people like stuff made from steel.


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          Here are a few ideas for you..


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            I could just COPY any of those if somebody wants one? Very kind, TJ; I wish I had the artistic talent to return the favor.