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      Wet saw / tile kitchen, bathroom floors, and entry way. 10" compound mitre saw and table saw / wood floors and crown moulding. Router / custom base boards. Total cost of tools about $700.00, savings somewhere in the neighborhood of 20G's. Wife happy, priceless!!!


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        Originally posted by dondlhmn View Post
        My wife is always asking me to make or fix SOMETHING. My reply is usually "Well, yes, but I'm gonna need a to buy an "XXX tool." or some kind of machine. She usually asks how much for the tool and how much to replace/buy the item in question......It is usually a wash or a BIG savings to do it myself with a newly purchased tool and THAT FACT has allowed me to do all these things: (1) add to my collection of tools (2) in the long run save a lot of money and (3) Make/bank some points with the Wifey. As an example, she wanted to put down tile in the kitchen and breakfast area, but I needed to buy a decent wet saw to do the job. Overall cost to do it (including the saw) about 1200-1400 bucks. My neighbors, at about the same time, had a "pro" do the same job for them---cost 5000 bucks AND he didn't do a good job as about a month later you could see LOTS of cracks all around the backer board (which he obviously skimped on either technique or materials when he put it down). End result was that they paid several times what we did, ours is still crack-free and looks perfect (7 years later!!) and I got not only a saw, but a few other tools to add to my collection. AND she still gives me points again every time she looks at "her" tile!!
        And that folks is how it's done!