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Hay Fork Front End Loader

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  • Hay Fork Front End Loader

    Built this for a local high school boy, so impressed with what the young man is doing for his age, what I did not have on hand I bought and gave it to him, machined the pins they were a 1 1/8'' diameter had some 1 1/2" so that gave it a should to jam up to, put 'T" handles and welded a light chain so no one used them else where, the rest is 2 3/8" tubing and 1/2"X3" flat bar and even a lift hook, he was speechless, I was to, to see his reaction.

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    Nice job, Joe. Has a medieval torture device feel to it. Looks good and you made a kid's day.


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      Ironken, thanks bet that round bale think the same thing when he see's it coming for him, great about the Kids, you only have them for a very short time to mold them, you expect the best and they will be the best, my kids used to say, "other kids don't have to do that" my response I expect more of you than they parents do, question my Son the other day he is 43 and said was I to hard on you and his response, no most of my friends did amount to anything yet, keep there mind on project and learning, take care, Joe
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        I couldn't agree more Joe. I am going to use your response to the age old "other kids don't have to do that". Your response to that was pure poetry!