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    now that the smoke has cleared you fellow figured who is going to win the war of words and getting all my tools, showed the post to my wife and he said all men are alike, said not us we is different, well I got that blank look on her face, had a fellow I met a few times called me today and said he had a Carolina 10" band saw that he want to scrap wanted to know if I wanted it, well Hello, he said that it was working fine but now when he turns the motor just hums, I said when can I get it, next week, when I get it here will take a pic and you fellow can start fighting again, we bad, Joe


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      Nah...we don't have to fight, I'll just come get that from you when I get the rest of the stuff. Everyone else is just S.O.L.

      Sorry and Joe are gonna have a beer or three too.