My mother in law dropped her favorite cast iron frying pan and it landed on the handle and broke it off. I could have brazed it but I didn't like the look of a brazed joint so I TIG welded it with a Ni-Cast rod, which is 99% nickel, which I had left over from another project. According to Lock-n-stitch, which is my favorite site for cast iron welding, you should preheat to 900°F for brazing and 1300°F for fusion welding.

I didn't want to destroy the coating on the inside of the pan or the enamel on the outside so I kept the preheat to below 550°F. I heated up several steel plates of metal to 550°F in the oven and placed them on top of fire bricks. I welded the frying pan on top of these hot metal plates. I kept the frying pan and the metal plates at a temperature of 550°F during the welding process with an oxyacetylene torch with a rosebud tip. When I was finished welding, I put the frying pan back in the oven and shut the oven off, to allow the pan to cool down with the oven. I figured that I could get away with the lower preheat because the break was in an area that isn't constrained and was caused by dropping not internal stresses.

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