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    [ATTACH=CONFIG]n563472[/ATTACH] made this machine to plant things in the garden her my neighbors is planting potatoes, it was made from several riding mowers, did not want to buy parts, wanted it to be what I had in the shop, auto. transmission, twin cylinder engine, stick steering, so it would not be in the way while planting,still got a few things want to add, then paint, not looking forward the sanding but the paint would be ok, I think it going to be John Deere green and yellow, to a video on the tube, meyoucajun1
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    My garden is only 90 feet long, but I would totally use that thing!


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      ...oh, one more thing...don't paint it. It's awesome like that.


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        Thanks Ryan, my garden is 100'X180' and my neighbors is larger, we both planted each four rows of potatoes with squatting to plant the spuds ever 18" and we both had knee surgery was not going to that again, so that is how that Idea came up, use it to transplant other crops, while I was making it a lady down the road stopped and said I see you tinkering all the time in your shop my grandfather has a Snapper that the trash truck won't pick up would you want it for parts, asked if it had a hood on it I knew it was going to be the 12.5 or 16 HP horizontal engine, went right over it was still running, other wise I was going to have to put a vertical and twist belt to get to the transmission, I think next I am going to build a potato digger seen them on the tube the are neat the Russian ones, Joe