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  • Fire wood racks

    So I'm not good about stopping and taking pictures of things I'm working on, but have had three customers want firewood racks and, of course, they need them by last week. I guess winter snuck up on us again. Stupid sneaky winter...

    Anyway, thought I'd ask you guys about your firewood rack projects.

    I finished one up today. Made it to hold a half a cord...which is 2' wide, 4' high and 8' long for those that don't know. Built it so the guy could bolt it together by himself since it was gonna pretty dang heavy welded in all one piece.

    Maybe tomorrow I'll think about taking a couple of pictures before I package it up and send it off.

    But here's what I'm curious about...I think I've over engineered these wood racks. What's the minimum size material you guys would use to build a rack to hold about that much fire wood?

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    2x2x1/4 angle or 2x2x1/8 Sq tube assuming legs are added in the center. (and assuming it sits on legs)
    2- XMT's 350 cc/cv
    1- Blue star 185
    1- BOBCAT 250
    1- TRAILBLAZER 302
    1- DYNASTY 200 DX
    1- DYNASTY 280 DX
    1- MAXSTAR 150 STL
    1- HF-251 BOX
    1- S-74D
    1- S-75DXA
    2- 12-RC SUITCASES
    1- 8-VS SUITCASE
    2- 30 A SPOOLGUNS


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      Well so far, the two I've made this year a just a skosh smaller in material. I made one that rolls around, holds about a 1/3 of a cord, 2x2x1/4 angle and some 1"x1/8th wall square tubing for the uprights and few other pieces of scrap thrown in for good measure. The last one was 1 1/2x1/8th wall square tubing, 1/2 cord capacity, legs on each end and legs in the middle and a roof. That's the one that bolts together. I was trying to get some pictures put up but my iphone and the website here weren't playing well with each other yesterday. I'll try again tomorrow. My customer is coming to pick it up then, so its my last chance.


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        Ryan, years ago I made several to your dimensions using welded 1" square tubing. They held up well.


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          That's good to hear. Of course I didn't get pictures of the last one out the door this morning. I guess I'm not understanding the posting pictures thing. It's fine though, I generally don't take the time to get pictures anyway. The one left is for me, so maybe I'll get a shot or three if the app ever comes back online.