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    Had some 2 3/8" tubing to move and lift the larger pallets so I just finished this, used to haul that tubing my hand but I think it has gained weight of I have lost some strength, I would chose the latter, all make from scarp, hit the yard sales pick up hooks and the ring at some oil field sights, someday I am going to buy all new Iron to build something, but used is just a good, Joe

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    I do almost all my metal shopping at the scrap yard. There is a "surplus" steel yard nearby too, but it's pretty much a scrap yard. Just don't tell the boss man that, he'll have a stroke.


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      There used to be a scrap yard where I used to live, don't care what you wanted it would show up there and a lot of time it was new, the Dad passed on and the kids could not get along and they closed it, though I was going to have to go into rehab, got all my metal there for welding, machining and small engine and even tractor parts, make me want to cry thinking about it even now. over where I am now cannot get into to one at all.


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        Built this boom to lift things that I cannot man handle built it in a day and a half just in enough time to get to a yard sale and pick up this 10" Carolina band saw with some extra's for it, my wife accused me of working real late one night to get this done so I could get that saw unloaded, told it was just by chance that I had finished it and then read the paper and saw the yard sale, blank stare, you think she really knew, don't you all answer that, Joe (was going to cut the feet off but make it easier to latch on to it)