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    Hey everyone. I just purchased my first welder today, a Miller Multimatic 200. I am really excited to get started, but I think my first projects will have to be building a workbench and a welder cart.
    I have looked through a few posts about carts, but they were mostly interesting pictures of welders mounted on lawnmowers and blocks of wood... Instead of going that route, I was thinking of building something that I would be proud to show to people Probably going to do it in tube steel (carbon).
    Anyone have any tips/plans for a good size workbench or welder cart they could link me to?

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    Here's a picture of the one I built for my Multimatic 200. I have been quite happy with it so far.....


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      Originally posted by mbramble View Post
      Here's a picture of the one I built for my Multimatic 200. I have been quite happy with it so far.....

      I like that! Nice job.


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        My table is basic and heavy. For all of my tools, I scabbed this together outta a cheap HFT roller cart.
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          Originally posted by Ironken View Post

          I like that! Nice job.
          Thanks. I originally used an old HF cart that I had with a previous junk welder. It was fine except that I wanted to be able to have both bottles on the cart. I tried to modify the HF cart but it just wasn't sturdy enough to handle both.


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            I designed my cart around my machine & the 2 bottles for it, and I kept it very vertical (small footprint in my cramped garage). But it has room for plenty of accessories, and since it's painted as close to Miller blue as I could find (why doesn't Miller sell spray paint?), it looks OK.

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              If you absolutely have to match the color, take something down to a sherwin Williams paint supply. I did this for an Onan generator I rebuilt, used a box top for an oil filter as the color sample. They matched it perfectly.


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                I made a cart earlier this year, for an ebay find I picked up. It's a Lencospot II, originally badged as a Snap-On. I've already put it to use__machine and cart__and I'm very pleased with both!

                A plan:


                Getting the finished cart, and machine shroud, powder coated to match the rest of the welding gear in my shop was a must!

                EDIT: updated to fix broken picture links.
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                  You're making my rattle can painted crap look bad.


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                    My Tig cart was something I needed to make for my Dynasty 200 along with the water cooler.
                    I went to a PPG store and had them match paint for a Miller blue and I am very happy with the way it turned out.
                    By all means make a cart yourself. Just think out what you want carefully before you begin
                    Then you know who to blame if there are any short comings and you can make it any style you want.

                    Consider things like cable holders and a 120V receptacle to provide power for a light or grinder, and maybe weld in a tube to hold the torch and/or some tools or anti spatter can.. I use my 120V outlet every time I weld.
                    Perry Click image for larger version

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                      That's quality, piniongear! Looks sharp.

                      ryanjones, your rattle can finish is still better than my "natural" finish on my metal work. I can't come up with any really good reason not to paint other than I hate painting! If I were to be punished in the after life for my sins, painting would be my number one punsihment.


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                        Me and you both brother. I'd rather stab myself in the eye than paint.


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                          Heres the cart I built. Designed to hold my 211, Hypertherm Plasma Cutter, both tanks and all consumables.

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                            Just needs a beer holder...for a second I thought you were in my shop! I have the JEGS and Willwood stickers in the exact same spot you do on the same **** tool box.


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                              Beer has been staying in my Yeti coozi.. Let me tell you how wonderful those things are! That box just got replaced with a bigger box... Ran out of tool storage...
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                              Millermatic 211
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