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Crazy posessed welder. Help!

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  • Crazy posessed welder. Help!

    Ok, this is really wierd...I've got a miller 251, I would still call it new. I've welded my little heart out on my buggy, no problems, tonight i welded up my last two beadlock rings.....went to do some welding on my front diff and when i put the ground on the truck....the gas solenoid starts turning on and off i take it off, touch the wire from the gun anywhere on the truck....does the same thing. I tried every other piece of metal in the shop, and it didnt do it.

    It gave me an error code meaning there was a short somewhere. (HLP 004)

    But why only on my truck? the negative on the battery is disconnected, and i've welded on it tons already. There are no wires, cords anything electrical going to my truck.

    Any Ideas?

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    Wow! How weird is that?

    The failsafe circuitry in these machines is hyper-sensitive. When you make contact with the truck, something (like say the computer or radio) is finding your welder as a path to ground. The 251 sees that tiny amount of current as a fault. Try disconnecting the positive cable on the battery instead and I bet the problem goes away. Maybe.

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      Thanks Triggerman, I will go try that.