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Spot welding of a pattern?

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  • Spot welding of a pattern?


    First I have to say I don't know very much at all about welding, but I have a problem I hope that some good welder here can give me an idea about how to solve.

    I have two sheets of stainless steel, each 0.2 mm thick. They are identical, 15x15 cm large and they have some holes in them with a square shape 2x2cm. In some way I would like to weld these sheets together, on top of eachother. It is important that they are welded together around the edges and around the holes. I can do it with soldering in vacuum, but that takes too much time. Also laser welding would be possible, but I also have some problems. I have been thinking of some kind of spot welding. Does it have to be done in just a small spot? Or is it possible to use shaped electrodes that can take all of the pattern I need in just one shot? For example is it possible to use a circular electrode that would weld around my holes directly?


    /Birger from Sweden

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    Have you considered Resistance Seam Welding?