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  • Miller Bluestar 2E

    Hey all !

    I am new to this board and wondered if anyone might have a complete, or parts, for an old Miller Bluestar 2E or 1E.

    I would not mind finding one that is complete with a blown Techumseh engine as I have one that would work.

    I am located in West Texas so something in Texas would be best for me.

    Thanks !

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    I have a l979 model, but I am not interested in selling it. I am curious what happened to your machine, that you are looking for a replacement for it. I bought mine new in l979, and the only thing that has happened to it was a pc board went bad for the arc booster. I bought a new one for $100.00, and had the other one repaired now I have a spare. Is yours beyond repair, and I wonder if Miller still has replacement parts available.


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      I have a good running Bluestar 2E that I purchased new in 1981 if memory serves.

      The old 1E and 2E series welders are getting old enough now that they are starting to show up with blown engines.

      The Kohler and Tecumseh 16 horsepower engines, and parts, are no longer made or supported by their manufacturers so when the engines fail most of these welders are just scrapped.

      I have two good Tecumseh OH160 engines and thought I might be able to find a 1E or 2E welder in good condition, but in need of an engine, allowing me to build up another welder without breaking the bank.

      I have seen a couple of these welders show up on eBay, but they would not ship saying "Local Pickup Only".

      If you run across anything I would appreciate a heads up !


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        looking for parts too

        i am as well looking for parts, as the bluestar 2E that i got from my
        Dad stopped welding and generating current about a year ago. i would very much like info or a source that can repair or supply parts for this unit. the unit runs fine and i found that the oil filled capacitor inside had developed a leak (oil filled) and that was the cause of my problems, but i am not sure and have had no success in finding one.


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          I just got one! Don't know if it works yet. They said it works good!

          Serial # is HK325670 I wonder what year it was made?

          Its a DC welder so I guess one step up from my old AC welder!


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            Heres a side view of it:


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              Turns out battery was stone dead. I discovered it turns over awesome with the starter. No fire though. Thought maybe carb bowl was dirty. Took bowl off and it was full of fine rusty dust. Must have been 2 tbl spoons of fine dusty rust in there. I wonder how it ran before?? So I will clean the carb. Fuel pump seems to not work either. No fuel filter either. So I'll clean the tank, add a in-line filter, before the pump (like the one on a snowmobile) I have not yet taken pump apart... probably full of dust too. I hope it will run good after that. I felt like the cylinder walls may have been dry before I hit that starter. Maybe should have turned it by hand first with a bit of wd in the cylinder first. Well oh well. Hope to get it running this month.


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                miller 1e

                I have a miller 1e welder tht Iam not going to do anything with. I acquired this thing from an older gentleman that claimed to have all the parts and also claimed to be an honest guy. well I fell hook line and sinker I bought it got it home and it is missing the circuit card, stator. I bought a new stator at$115 then I called the guy back and asked about the circuit card. He said he never had it. but yet he told me all the parts were there. oh well its my fault any way I need to get rid of it


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                  mmiller 2e welder

                  I bought a miller 2e welder it runs and welded great however the other day I went to start it and the battery was stone dead so nI jumped it off and let it run for about 45 min. I then tried to weld with it and it died as soon as I stuck the arc, I restarted it let it run for 20 min then moved the toggle switch from generator to weld and it died. The carb butter fly would move to wide open I think it is dumping too much fuel at one time causing the engine to die, but do I have another problem other than this? I would appreciate any help I can get with this little problem. or pics of other miller 2e welders so I can see how they are set up. Thanks steve


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                    [QUOTE=godtool;185220]I just got one! Don't know if it works yet. They said it works good!

                    Serial # is HK325670 I wonder what year it was made?

                    Between Jul-Dec 1979.
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                      hey tbucket

                      I am just curious if you got your bluestar running or if you were going to sell it as it said in the other post you have on here. thank you


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                        I've put it away until next spring. Never had a chance to get it working since the carb was full of dust. I will sell it if the welder part is hooped.


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                          I got it running finally

                          I got it running finally... runs really good. Used the 110 outlets to power a shop vac. Its set up to run on full throttle so its putting out 320 volts according to my DMM. I used some baling wire to hold the throttle on the carb mostly closed so it only pits out 120 volts. I'm looking at it trying to figure out how I can change the rpm since there appears to be no throttle lever on it. Too bad there is not a volt meter on it or tach... since the fine print on it says 1800 rpm for 110\120 and 3000 rpm for 220\240...


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                            Anyone know where to get faceplates for the 2e?

                            I have a Bluestar 2E on my mobile service truck, I am extremely fond of that machine. However the faceplate is more than a little faded I remember seeing a website a year ago (no money) that sold them. I cannot find that site now that I have money again, any help would be appreciated.


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                              Bob Wright