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  • OT....idle musings

    Does anybody else wonder if the computers in the basements of the NSA or FBI ever take notice when there is reference on this board to:

    "butt" "joints"
    "diamond" plate
    shield "gas" or

    Just wondering.

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    possibly. but if anyone ever starts asking how to weld/fab aluminum tubes, we may want to pass that one on to them!


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      You mean like high density aluminum tubes for separation processing? Or try talking about problems with blast mirrors that are made from beryllium? There are a lot of thing that I seem to find in movies about stuff the gov might be looking for. Who really knows and who really cares?

      Some where on Satellite TV, the NSA was mentioned and that they have 10 acres of super computers sifting thru all of the communications in the world for key words. There is so much going in the world concerning communications that sifting thru one days worth of communication would seem to be a major task even for 10 acres of super computers.

      I think your neighbors turning you for doing strange things in the middle of the night is a more realistic approach to this problem.

      How about they post a reward for turning in your neighbors for unAmerican activities? Then post a bigger reward for turning your neighbors in for terrorist activities or aiding terrorist?

      This is the crap they did during WW II and the McCarthy era. Remember how many communist McCarthy caught during his reign of terror?
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