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Welding sheet metal with millermatic 175

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  • Welding sheet metal with millermatic 175

    Hey guys,
    I have just started learning to weld with wire feed. I have a millermatic 174 running argon and .30 wire. I have successfully welded metals from 1/16 to 1/4 using various voltages and wire speeds.

    My question is, What settings and wire thickness do I need to weld automotive thickness sheet metal? I want to start boxing up my Mustangs subframe and really don't want to make slop or holes in the body.

    I have done panel replacement and repair by brazing but not with MIG.


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    You really don't want pure argon maybe you ment 75/25? . And you don't want .30 wire thats pretty big, you prob mean .030 . Sorry for picking, the best thing to do is borrow a couple scrap panels from the boneyard and practice with different settings then take them back. Sheetmetal varies so much it would be better to try some first and get the feel of it...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Sheet metal and boxing the frame are two totally different things.

      but on both, you just have to practice with different materials and your machine.

      But on both, start with pieces of similar size pieces of scrap.
      Keep turning down the heat, little by little, until you quit blowing holes in either. With a little attention to what you're doing, and which settings go with which material, you'll be fine.
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        I have a small mig that i use for exhaust/sheet metal and i run .023" in it and use "mix" gas as somebody mentioned. Only use "argon" for T.I.G or aluminum welding with M.I.G
        HMW [Heavy Metal welding]


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          One more thing. you probably will not be able to make long beads with the mig on very thin panels. warp and burn through. You'll have to pulse it by pulling the trigger then letting off, sorta spot welding with a mig.
          HMW [Heavy Metal welding]


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            I did make some errors in a few descriptive items. I am using "mix" gas. I am also running .030 wire.

            I did make a decent attempt at welding the 1/8 inch tubing to my frame. I had the voltage at a 30-40 rating and the wire feed slow (about a 4). I had to tac alot but once I laid the tacs I built upon the welds to fill the gaps. I then grinded the weld and filled in more small voids. I also welded up some nice steel frame connectors and also boxed in the lower control arms.

            I was just a bit scared to weld on my Cobra.

            I have only been welding 220 wire feed for a week now. I am not too bad for a noob. I have been practicing on everything from exhaust to 1/4 inch over the last week.



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              It seems the fox body mustangs are around 22ga. metal. When using my mm175 I like using .030 wire with a 25/75 mix gas. Tacking the metal every inch or so all the way around then repeat til there is no more voids and grind down.
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