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Whoops, forgot to turn on the ARGON Tig Welding

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  • Whoops, forgot to turn on the ARGON Tig Welding

    Trying to teach myself to TIG welding with my Dynasty 200. I was all set up last night to practice on some 1/8 aluminum coupons using 3/32 Ce tungsten. When I started the arc this white frost covered everything. Hadn't seen that before. Figured I had screwed up the tungsten prep. Switched to 3/32 lanthana>>>same thing. Then I figured out that I hadn't turned on the argon at the tank. Duh!!!
    Anyway, this frost (al oxide???) is in the cup, on the tungsten and on the gas diffuser. Can I just resharpen the tungsten and blow out the cup/gas diffuser or do I have to throw them away and start over???
    Dr Gas

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    no worries

    Resharpen as often as you can and clean off everything else with compressed air or a soft, brass scratch'll save $$$ by reusing as often as possible (I sell the stuff for a living, and believe me, the price of tungsten will not be coming down anytime soon). Also, for welding on Al, you may want to try using a pure tungsten electrode....the pure tends to be a little more economical than the ceriated or lanthanated series and typically performs better when welding with AC on aluminum. The ceriated will work on the Al, but it does cost more and I've had much better luck with ceriated on aluminum by using either pure helium or a high helium blend gas (but the helium will increase your cost too).


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      I've read you should never use pure tungsten with the inverter machines.
      Not sure why, just saw some warnings about not using pure with the inverters
      I didn't pay that much attention, because I run a transformer machine.
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        Yup that is correct from what I understand as well...with Inverter technology there is no need for pure tungsten or zirconiated and no need to ball the end. I use 2% thoriated everything and it seems to perform very well .
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